Research and Development


The constant in the pharmaceutical industry is change

The development of biotechnology-derived products is complex and basically determined by numerous Regulations, Directives and Guidelines but more often demand unique solutions.
While you are focussing on your technology, I will bring considered international and local understanding of Regulatory requirements  for a goal-oriented development.


Clinical Studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Preparation of clinical trial applications (CTAs)
  • Submissions
  • Communication with health authorities on behalf of the sponsor
  • Coordination of the CTA procedure
  • Internal and on-site audits

Preclinical Studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Preparation of preclinical study protocols and reports
  • Integration of preclinical study information in clinical trial relevant documents
  • Internal and on-site audits

Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC)
  • Specifications
  • Preparation of CMC-releated documents for CTAs


  • Scientific advices
  • SME applications
  • Due diligences

News in Europe

EMA receives application for conditional marketing authorisation of SARS Cov-2 mRNA vaccine of Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech.

News in USA

Moderna submitted an application for Emergency Use Authorization to FDA.